Dear Students and Colleagues,

We are glad to present you the latest Medical University – Sofia collection of success Erasmus+ stories “Impact of Erasmus+ Generation of Medical University – Sofia”.  Erasmus+ is one of the most remarkable European Union programmes that gives to people the chance to study, train, volunteer or gain professional experience abroad. It promotes the international mobility of students and teachers as equips them with enhanced learning opportunities, recognition of diplomas, strengthened language learning skills, it gives an opportunity to find jobs in the country and across the continent.

Medical University – Sofia provides top standard education for its learners who are given an opportunity to benefit from international studies and traineeships, allowing them to enrich their knowledge and practical skills in European and global dimension. We strictly respect all principles of the Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education in our international study programmes, traineeships and professional development schemes. All activities of the University undertaken with Erasmus+ Programme are in the terms of credits (ECTS) and are administered by our Erasmus+ Office. 

Our data collection and follow-up assessment are the last step of a dynamic and unforgettable process of sharing experiences and strong positive feelings. 

The results of the Erasmus+ Mobility are of diverse nature and consist of both concrete (tangible) results, as well as, of skills and personal experiences that both project organizers and participants to the activities have acquired (intangible results). The personal experiences are highly valuable not only because one can hear the real facts, but because everyone can learn about the context and emotions involved in the situations. The incoming and outgoing learners, as well as, the incoming and outgoing lecturers have an amazing Erasmus+ story which provides an opportunity for You, the potential future participant, to learn useful information at first hand.

We kindly asked the participants to tell their authentic stories and their different points of view added value of our collective book in which the authors are the learners and the lecturers themselves. A total number of 308 learners and 168 staff have benefited from mobility for studies, training courses or teaching positions only for the last two years. The impact of mobility on learners implies development of individual potential (learning abilities and employability) and acquisition of professional skills. The impact of mobility on lecturers reveals further understanding of foreign systems and acquisition of professional and linguistic skills.

Sharing success stories, lessons learned and outcomes involve spreading the word about education in Medical University – Sofia as part of the Erasmus+ Programme. The publication of the success stories can help to maximize the effect of these activities in the course of the coming years. Let the stories inspire and encourage you to becoming your best self, taking cues from them and becoming the next Erasmus+ Generation!