Erasmus + Success Stories

Anna Valerieva, MD, Faculty of MedicineDepartment of AllergologyOutgoing Student

Anna's impressions from The University of Milan


Erasmus+ Period: 01/09/2017 – 01/07/2019

As a young specialist and researcher the ultimate career goal to achieve for me is to make a difference in the lives of the patients suffering allergies, angioedema and hyper permeability disorders. This is why I wanted to be a PhD student in Allergy and Immunopathology and have the chance to better investigate the mechanisms of paroxysmal permeability and allergic reactions in different diseases. I am certainly positive that the Erasmus+ Programme plays a crucial role in the scientific exchange, opportunities, and education of young specialists and researchers in Europe.

Personally, in my case the Erasmus+ Programme gave me the precious chance to be part of a multicultural environment, study and work on different exciting research projects, and establish a wide international working network for both present and future scientific collaboration.

As a young researcher I truly believe that the traineeship at the University of Milano played an outstanding role in my professional development. Working as a member of an excellent team gave me valuable ideas as to complete my PhD project, and successfully defend my PhD thesis. The ongoing projects and future research ideas will help to further develop common research ideas and enrich international collaboration of our Department.

As a personal experience, living and working in Italy gave me precious lessons for life, taught me how to establish new friendships, challenged me, and enlightened my curiosity for a different culture.

I do believe that my excellent experience as being part of the Erasmus+ Programme helps me in my current work with patients, students, and my colleagues. I highly recommend other PhD students to take this opportunity and become part of the big European Erasmus+ family!

The University of Milan is one of Italy’s younger university institutions. It was founded in 1924 thanks to the tenacious efforts of doctor and gynaecologist Luigi Mangiagalli, who in creating La Statale, realised his long-held dream of building a university for Lombardy’s regional capital. Indeed, up until that point, it was the University of Pavia, founded in the fourteenth century and the main education centre in northern Italy, that housed the traditional university faculties. Over the centuries, however, the numerous educational institutions and schools of excellence which sprang up in Milan would later be incorporated under the University of Milan.