Erasmus + Success Stories

Blagoslava GeorgievaFaculty of Pharmacy Outgoing student

Blagoslava's impressions from Heidelberg University


Erasmus+ Period: 04/04/2017 – 28/07/2017

First I want to thank for the opportunity I received through the Erasmus+ Programme to change my life!

My name is Blagoslava Georgieva and I was part of the Erasmus+ Programme in Heidelberg from the 4 April – to 30 July 2017. I studied pharmacy at the Medical University Sofia in Bulgaria and my exchange university was located in Germany at the University Heidelberg.

I have loved being a part of the DKFZ – team (German Cancer Research Center). My supervisor was professor Martin Berger. In the lab, I was able to learn a lot from the specialists in their area of expertise. I had the possibility to see interesting analyzes, new techniques and learn about the future techniques in science. I was trained by Shariq Ansari, Doaa Ali, Marineta Kovacheva and other people which was part of the team. Every time when I need help and support they was next to me and teach me how to do. They became not only my teachers, I’m happy to say that this people was like a family for me and now we have a strong friendship. During this time, we made a lot of activities after work like picnics/barbeque next to the river and bicycle trips to other close cities.

I had a lot of impressions in Germany and I’m now open-minded for a new things and possibilities in my life. It was also a good possibility to discover new cultures and find out similarities between me and other people from whole world.

The Erasmus+ student organization organized events during the whole program time where all students can find immediately new friends.

In Heidelberg my colleague Maria Nikolova was always next to me. We became close friends very quickly and discover Europe together in many trips to Switzerland and France and around Germany. During these four months we joined a language course in German which was really useful for us to integrate more easily with Germans and on events. In the Erasmus+ Programme I have improved not only my medical skills furthermore also my language and communication skills in English and German. I had often the opportunity to show my Bulgarian culture and to tell about our traditions on a special European culture event and in the normal life, because the people was really interested about and ask me often topics about Bulgaria.

I get many impressions which I will never forget and I can speak only for myself, but everybody should take the chance to learn more about other countries and cultures, because this will change you in a positive way for your whole life.

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