Erasmus + Success Stories

D.r. Cvetelina GeorgievaFaculty of Dental MedicineDepartment of Conservative Dental MedicineOutgoing Lecturer

Cvetelina's impressions from Radboud University Nijmegen


Erasmus+ Period: 06/05/2019 – 10/05/2019

My journey in Nijmegen started at 5th of May.

Nijmegen is the oldest city in Netherlands, close to the German border. To get there I took a train from the airport and after one hour and half I found myself in this charming town. My first impression of the people was that they are very kind and responsive. I was staying in a cozy little hotel - Rozenhof, 30 minutes walk away from the University. Most people in Nijmegen prefer to ride a bike, most likely because of the small distances in the city or for some other reason, but this contributed to the relatively clean air in the city.

During my stay in Radboud University, I accompanied Damyanov DMD and Plashokova DMD who are assistants prosthetic dental medicine and periodontology, respectively, during their practical exercises with students from pre-clinical and clinical courses. I attended two pre-clinical student exams also. I gave two lectures about Lasers in Endodontics and Photoactivated disinfection in Endodontics, in front of students and teachers. I was also able to exchange experience with colleagues from my and other specialties. Damyanov DMD and Plashokova DMD showed me the city center and some of the sights in it. City full of cozy little streets, restaurants and shops. Everywhere you can fell the atmosphere and history of the town. It was the season of asparagus at this time of year and so we enjoyed these delicious vegetables prepared in different ways. One thing I didn’t know about the city was that during World War II, much of the city was destroyed by the bombing of Allied aircraft by mistake because of its proximity to Germany. The destroyed buildings have not been restored to their previous style, and so there are new buildings among the old buildings, that remind of that moment.

I enjoyed a lot my stay in Nijmegen and I would visit it again definitely!

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