Erasmus + Success Stories

Assoc. prof. Maria DenchevaMU – Sofia, Faculty of Dental Medicine

Maria's impressions from European University in Skopje

Erasmus+ Period: 19/04/2021 - 22/04/2021

I am very happy that I was able to visit the European University in Skopje. We were greeted extremely friendly. In addition to the lectures provided for in the program, we also did practical training for students from 4th and 5th year at the Faculty of Dental Medicine.

This was my dream, because the discipline of dental clinical allergology is a Bulgarian innovation and it was interesting for me how it will be perceived by colleagues. To my great surprise, the professors and students, participants in the lectures and practical trainings I conducted, had knowledge and showed great interest. We shared our experience and it was highly appreciated. Colleagues at the university were so well-meaning, and although the Covid -19 situation did not allow us to share the „same table as Balkans in Кафана“, we had a great time and wished that at our next meeting the pandemic was over.