Erasmus + Success Stories

Maria Maneva Faculty of Public HealthOutgoing Student

Maria's impressions from Społeczna Akademia Nauk - studia Warszawa


Erasmus+ Period: 27/06/2017 - 28/08/2017

I‘m very satisfied with my Erasmus+ mobility Programme. I was able to enrich my professional experience, practice physiotherapy in wonderful conditions, guided by caring professionals who we were eager to show me new techniques and build my confidence in the working field!

I was able to visit great places in the receiving country, meet many new people and get in touch with different cultures. I had the opportunity to practice my English speaking skills and improve my rhetoric.

The Szpitalstaszow places great emphasis on the professional development of its staff, raising qualifications, and expanding the panel of services provided. Persons wishing to start a specialization (it provides an attractive addition to residency) and sub-specialization have to take additional courses. It has a multimedia training room, with the possibility of lectures, presentations, training sessions, etc.

As an accredited hospital, which has been at the forefront of the CMJ ranking for years, the Szpitalstaszow involved in many projects such as drug conciliation projects, project for Safe Hospital, project for Safe Patient, and in any Adverse Events. The hospital encourage their employees to engage in future projects.

The construction of the new hospital building begun in mid-1971 and it was completed. The hospital building was commissioned in April 1975 year. In April 1995, the 20th anniversary of the operation of the district hospital was solemnly celebrated. On this occasion, the hospital was named after Stefan Niewirowicz. The hospital has been an independent unit since 1998 and operates under the name Independent public health care departments in Staszow.