Erasmus + Success Stories

D-r. Rasku TujaIncoming LecturerNursing and Paramedicine, MHSc.,Hiroshima University Japan

D-r. Rasku's impressions from Medical University Sofia


Erasmus+ Period: 09/02/2018 – 15/02/2018

The time in Sofia was a great professional and personal experience!

As a doctoral researcher, this opportunity gave me new aspects and contacts for my future research. I got ideas to start small projects with my students after getting back home. For me, it was crucial to exchange opinions with creative people who bring new approaches from different cultures. As my projects are based on international network this exchange allowed academically valuable discussions.

In addition to this valuable insight for me and my university, I gained new partners to work with and we managed to collaborate at high level. The stakeholders ‘different backgrounds and experiences make the week and opportunities very colorful. This kind of experience is not a one-way exchange. As a result of this program, our cooperation will continue with the student and teacher motilities, as well as with international project planning. It is always refreshing to hear practices and processes from other universities and what is going on in universities from other cultural environment. At the same time, we learnt that the problems or ideas that we are trying to solve are same almost everywhere. To work together was fun. During the exchange we have already made plans for two new cooperation projects from which one is going to have results next autumn during our international week in Tampere, Finland. As I also work as an international coordinator these short time visits and face-to-face work make the process a bit easier. Every time you come back home you carry some new ideas with good spirits and see your own campus and duties in different colors.

As a personal experience the time I have spent in Sofia gave me new members to my professional network and new opportunities for the future. The cooperation has started one year ago and was reinforced, so we got more practical tools for future development. This along with many other Erasmus + exchanges will have a long-lasting impact on my life and help me understand better the new European identity from the West coast to the Eastern line.