Erasmus + Success Stories

Vestiyana MihovaMedical College, MU – SofiaOutgoing student

Vestiyna's impressions from CLUJ SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH


Erasmus+ Period: 01/07/2019 – 02/09/2019

From my point of view, Erasmus+ mobility is a major step forward in my personal and professional development. The Erasmus+ challenge provoked me to step out of my comfortable comfort zone, this experience made me to be more independent person, to be bold-er, to touch other amazing cultures. My life in Tallinn, Estonia, was filled with many different emotions, new pleasant acquaintances, many interesting adventures, and overall I was able to enrich my knowledge a lot.

I was practically in one of the best laboratories in the country Estonia. The lab was equipped with new advanced techniques that I learned to handle, and the personnel showed me new methods of work. I refined my knowledge from what I had already learned and this was a very useful experience.

My local colleagues were very kind, very patient, tried to explain everything to me, and I could always use their help when needed. Some of them took me around

the city and the surrounding area so that I could touch their culture.

I made friends with many of the other Erasmus+ students in Tallinn. We traveled with them, saw many places, created unforgettable memories!

Erasmus+ Programme is a great adventure from which you return with a rich professional experience, with positive emotions, valuable experiences and true lifelong friendships.

Cluj School of Public Health (C-SPH) is an innovative research focused program with full English educational track in public health – BA, MPH, PhD in Cluj, Romania. This is the only Public Health pro-gram taught completely in English in the entire Central and Eastern Europe.

Cluj School of Public Health is formed from the Department of Public Health (educational wing) and the Center for Health Policy and Public Health (research wing), within the College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences of Babes-Bolyai University – the biggest and highest ranked university from Romania.

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