Erasmus + Success Stories

Savena Borisova, PhDFaculty of Public Health Department of Health Technology Assessment Outgoing Lecturer

Savena's impressions from Jordan University of Science and Technology


Erasmus+ Period: 23/06/2019 – 27/06/2019

Erasmus+ Programme has impacted my life the last twenty years.

Erasmus+ is my professional happiness since 1999. It has opened lots of opportunities for my career development as a project manager and teaching staff.

The synergy between Erasmus+ and the other educational programmes lead me to the Salzburg Seminar in 2001, where we discussed the Museums in 21st century in a working group with the Directors of British museum and Cairo National museum, Chief editor of New York Times, the President of Getty Grant Foundation, USA, Directors of Uffizi Museum and Palace Vecchio in Florence. The participation in this event inspired me for the development of my PhD theses.

According successful Erasmus+ project, since 2004, I am a National Correspondent at the European Museum Forum under the auspice of the Queen of Belgium, on a voluntary base. During one of the yearly meetings of the National Correspondents, we attended a dinner at the Mirror Hall of the King’ Palace in Brussels.

Erasmus sent me to the People Network-Soul for Europe, initiative of the European Union, Berlin, 2008 and became a member of the Cultural Diplomacy Community.

Due to Erasmus+ I was a coordinator of the National Bologna Projects for 4 years; a National Contact Point for TEMPUS and ERASMUS MUNDUS Programs and the International Credit Mobility; participated in lots of projects and being an External Project Evaluator.

As an Erasmus+ teaching staff, I gave lectures at the Universities of Florence & Bologna; Darting college of Arts, UK; Braganza, Portugal; Ioannina, Greece and recently at Just University, Jordan.

All the gained knowledge, experience and skills I applied at Medical University-Sofia, thus the personnel impact transferred into institutional one. With the support of the Head of IRO

– Prof. Dr. R. Girchev and the Rector – Prof. V. Zlatkov and Faculty Coordinators, we succeed to increase the Erasmus+ mobility from 21 p/y to 100 p/y. The first Erasmus+ mobility projects with partner countries were introduced with Japan, South Africa, Jordan, Morocco; Guides and info brochures were issued; rules for accreditation and administration were developed.

I keep alive all the Erasmus+ friendships made throughout Europe and outside and feel lucky, my experience is always recognized & appreciated nationally and internationally.

Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) is a comprehensive, state-sup-ported university located on the outskirts of Irbid, in northern Jordan, 70km north Amman, the capital city of Jordan. JUST was established in 1986 as an autonomous national institute of higher education with the main objective of producing outstanding professionals in specializations that match the needs of Jordan and the region.

Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) is a distinguished academic and research institution, dedicated to providing students with an engaging learning environment and a supportive campus culture.